"Do They See... What You See?"
Smart Phones are exactly that, smart, but will your customer or potential client see the same view of your company's website on their cell phone as what you see on your desktop? Those who have an iPhone, or Android will shamelessly tell you how much they love their phone and it's brand. Many smart phone owners like myself, will even admit their addiction to them.  I'll not even start down the trail of which is better, Android or iPhone. My Mama didn't raise no fool, so I'll stay away from a debate that seems to polarize to the extreme.

One thing is very clear, more and more people are using their smart phones to
access the web. Smart phone sales are going crazy, more of them shipped in the 3rd quarter of 2011 than PCs. So here is the question... As a business owner, can you afford to have your website be a mess on a smart phone?
Don't Assume....
You know what happens if you break the word assume up into three parts...do not assume your smart phone displays your website the same as a PC. On a smart phone, little things can make a huge difference, pop ups, frames within frames, scroll bars, screen resolution, drop downs, font sizes, margins, padding and many other factors play a role in how your website looks.

Code versions play a role in this as well,  mobile content style sheets help to overcome some of the display issues on phones, Java-script is supported on some phones and not on others. Flash, on Android, not on Iphone.  Ok, so stop the presses...I promise not to go tech talk on you.

Just know that there are technical things behind the scenes that really create a mess on that little phone display.
Why is it critical to have a website that is built to look right on today's smart phones?
- Ebay says mobile has tripled their traffic
- Twitter says 40% of their stream goes to mobile.
- Pandora says 50% of their users are now mobile.
- Google says everything they do must take mobile into consideration as a high priority.

Less technical, but very important to this discussion is that simple is still better when it comes to websites, both mobile or desktop... lots of white space, clean crisp designs and easy navigation are basic fundamentals.  Less is more when it comes to text on a website.

The web is a visual medium, so good balance in the design and an uncluttered visual appeal are the standard to shoot for. The difference is exponential when it comes to a mobile website, cell phone displays, even with zoom features are little and can be hard to read. Clean designs, larger text, bullet points and clear titles make it easier to get your point across on a small screen.